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We'll find a carer to match your loved one’s needs

Our long-term care and companionship

We offer a service known as live-in care, fitting your loved one having a caring experienced, vetted carer who moves into a room. They do everything needed to create certain that the person you love is secure, happy, and comfortable in their own house.

Respite Care birmingham

Respite Care

Are you among the many thousand plus individuals in the United Kingdom who are looking after an older relative or loved one in your home?

However much you really care for this individual, if you’re providing full-time maintenance, seven days per week, you likely can either do with a rest.

Palliative Care

Most of us know that severe illness can strike at any moment. But, our older household members are more vulnerable and, sadly, there are instances when medical science cannot provide a cure.

In such scenarios, our palliative carers are all devoted to making our loved ones as comfortable as you can throughout the final stages of the lives.

Palliative Care
Dementia Home Care Birmingham

Dementia Home Care

We know that by supplying expert person-centred dementia care the quality of lifestyle for you and your loved ones members and friends can be considerably improved. Each plan of care is tailored and customised to your special requirements and we tackle reviews of your maintenance strategy as and when your requirements change.

Post-Operative Care

Studies indicate that recovery rates are much better at the house compared to nursing homes or smaller medical centers. Consequently, should you want a dedicated carer to the mother, father, or comparative whilst they recover from a hospital stay, River Of Life Care can help. Whether a loved one is recovering from an operation or by a critical illness, with private care and support given by an expert carer from River of Life Care, they will shortly be back on their own feet .

Post-Operative Care at Home Good Hope Birmingham
Care Job

Supported Living

Your housing and support is built around you rather than you fitting in to a service.

Supported living is not just for people who are more independent. Anyone can have support to live in their own home with the right support.

River of Life Care Live-In Care:

Irrespective of illness and ability, it's probable your loved one is going to wish to keep as much independence and freedom as you can.

Jobs as a live in carer

After we receive the completed job application form, we will invite you for the interview.

We are always looking for outstanding candidates who have experience in care, good communication skills, with the ability to handle emergency situations and are very passionate about bringing a positive change in people’s lives