Providing a variety of live-in care services throughout the UK

Irrespective of illness and ability, we can assist.

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Fully managed and regulated live-in care

Live in care company dedicated to raising awareness of better options than residential care homes.
Would you or a relative benefit from the round-the-clock support of a professional, qualified and vetted carer?


Heavenly Light Care aim is to always enable you to live the life you choose with total dignity.

We offer a 24 hour telephone helpline to provide peace of mind in the event of any emergencies. Someone will always be on hand and available to assist you.

Respite Care

Respite care breaks are an opportunity for carers to have a rest, safe in the knowledge that their loved one is getting the very best care.

Palliative Care

For individuals living with a terminal disease in which a remedy is no longer possible. Also for people who have a intricate illness and want their own symptoms controlled.

Live In Care

Our highly trained maintenance team provide around the clock Live care encouraging your nearest and dearest and letting them stay with the comfort of their own house.

What’s Live-In Care?

All of us know that as we age our health might deteriorate, or we might need extra help with everyday activities. This can be a natural part of aging. But, talking care choices with a parent or older relative isn’t a conversation anyone wishes to own.

Irrespective of illness and ability, it’s probable your loved one is going to wish to keep as much independence and freedom as you can. With many supposing that home care is the only viable option readily available, our elderly parents and family can often wind up settling in nursing homes despite desperately needing to remain in the home. As a leading healthcare service, we can assist.

A vetted carer you can trust

We realise your loved one’s security is paramount. That is why we go to great lengths to make sure that their carer is someone the entire family can trust. s

Care Assistant Jobs

Each of the professionals we work with have background checks, referencing and certifications to prove they achieve the standards you expect.

Highest paying agency

Our staff recruit support employees, many of which work together with us and excel in assisting adults, children and elderly individuals together with the problems that they face.

Why Choose Us


Among the fastest growing staffing agencies in the health and healthcare industry, we are always on the lookout for excellent men and women. We are happy to discuss individual requirements and create a care plan personally tailored to suit you.

Our Safeguarding Policy lays out a clear routine of activity along with a frame for our duties and legal obligations in connection with every customer's welfare.


Thorough Checks

A comprehensive list of Tests Involving DBS are undertaken Together with our qualified Employees to ensure they are compliant with All the Regulations and Rules


24x7 Support

Our lines are open between 8.00am to 5pm Monday to Friday for regular contact. At other times and weekends we operate an emergency line for anyone who needs help



Specialises in high quality, low-cost live-in care. Providing the live-in care for an elderly or ill person. We can provide a no obligation home care assessment by one of our home care support team.

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Irrespective of illness and ability, it's probable your loved one is going to wish to keep as much independence and freedom as you can.

Jobs as a live in carer

After we receive the completed job application form, we will invite you for the interview.

We are always looking for outstanding candidates who have experience in care, good communication skills, with the ability to handle emergency situations and are very passionate about bringing a positive change in people’s lives